As Consultants, Leon Environmental Services prides itself in protecting their client’s liability and interest while still being able to get projects completed on time, within budget and in full compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

History and Qualifications

Leon Environmental Services is owned and operated by Richard “Danny” Leon and Thomas M. Leon.  Danny has been in the asbestos industry for over 25 years and Tommy Leon has been in the industry since 1987.  We have been in the abatement industry continually, and have personally experienced all the changes the asbestos abatement industry and Lead Based Paint industry has gone through over the years on both the contracting and consulting ends of the industry.

In January of 2005 Danny bought Line Enterprises and opened Leon Environmental Services. In September 2005 Danny brought Tommy on as a full partner.  Together we have over 50 years of combined experience in the abatement industry, both asbestos & LBP.  The unique quality Leon Environmental Services has that other consultants don’t, is that we have hands-on experience working in the field, managing asbestos abatement and LBP projects.  Because of our experience and knowledge of the asbestos abatement industry and Lead Based Paint industry, contractors seek out our advice on difficult projects, especially on how to comply with the law in situations where containment clearance and negative pressure is hard to achieve.