Leon Environmental Services

As Consultants, Leon Environmental Services prides itself in protecting their client’s liability and interest while still being able to get projects completed on time, within budget and in full compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

Services we offer

  • Asbestos bulk sampling and surveys for AHERA, NESHAP, and EPA Demolitions & Renovations.
  • Asbestos air sampling using PCM or TEM analysis and onsite PCM analysis.
  • Lead Based Paint Air, Soil, Dust wipe and Paint Chip sampling by Flame AA.
  • Asbestos/LBP abatement project monitoring.
  • Write generic or site-specific asbestos/LBP abatement specifications, scopes of work and work plans.
  • Quality control testing of HEPA equipment air filtration machines and vacuums used in abatement (DOP testing).
  • Lead Based Paint Hazard Assessments and inspections by XRF

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Phone: 559-274-9200   Email:  leonenviro@comcast.net

Richard “Danny” Leon CAC #04-3708

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